Human resources and payroll


The perfect way to handle all your human resources and payroll needs.

Managing payroll may seem like a simple task – calculating the amounts due to employees and processing the payments in the banking system. Unfortunately it is not as straight forward as it seems. It can be not only time-consuming, but, more importantly, it requires a good knowledge of the labour and tax regulations. In addition, there is a host of government reporting and record keeping requirements that comes with the job. And there are adverse consequences if you get it wrong

At EZ TAX we can provide you with a comprehensive solution for managing your human resources and payroll duties. With our services, you will only need to provide your employee data, such as the hours that have been worked and we will handle the rest.

Human Resources and payroll services:

  • Maintenance of employee’s personal files and work records in accordance to Polish Labor Code
  • Preparation of employment contracts, addendums, employment termination notices, employment certificates
  • Keeping records of due holidays and other work absences
  • Monitoring the validity of medical examinations and periodic training of OSH
  • Preparation of working permits, visa applications for foreign employees etc.
  • Issuance of certificates of earnings
  • Calculation of employees’ salary
  • Settlements of civil law contracts (e.g. service contracts, contracts for specific task, management contracts)
  • Preparation of pay slips for employees
  • Calculation of personal income tax advances
  • Registration of an employer in Social Security Institution (ZUS)
  • Registration of the employees in Social Security Institution (ZUS)
  • Preparation of monthly social security declarations to ZUS
  • Preparation of monthly PFRON declarations
  • Payment processing  of employees’ salary and statutory liabilities in the banking system 
  • Preparation of an annual Personal Income Tax returns (PIT-11, PIT-4R, PIT-40, IFT-1R, PI-8C)
  • Reporting to Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS)


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